Honolulu Police Chief is very very sad....... Hehehe!

Poor little guy. Maybe he should just quit out of fear and hide in his safe place![rofl2]
Ah, he's got four little stars like they give kids in kindergarden for doing something. Bless his Commi heart!
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Honolulu Police Chief says that approving a concealed carry permit was something he never thought he'd have to do when he applied for the job.

Not even when he swore to uphold the constitution?
If that wasn’t a clue then he’s way over his head. However, I’d assume that the duties of meter maid are over his head.
We were there in 2009. We were advised to stay in the tourist areas because while they like tourist money, they don't like tourists. We had to drive through some sketchy areas and from what I saw it was pretty much like any other Democrat crap hole city.
I’ve heard the urban legend that midwestern towns round up their homeless and hobos and send them one way to Hawaii. I really hope it’s true.
What a leftist Pussy!
This COP calls himself a Police Officer?
Hmm, he was a MG in the Hawaii NG, WTF?
I've personally known members of the military, veterans insist guns are for thee but not for me. All come from CT and Natick. I tell them they bot only don't understand the constitution, but they do not hold some special entitlement because of mil service. They think I'm some kook rebel.
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