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Mass: FFL Transfer “grace period” Question

There are a lot folks that mistakenly believe that as long as they have no criminal intent that they would never get jammed up. Unfortunately, the ATF has proved that wrong on a number of occasions.

Bruce Abramski, a VA police officer, bought a Glock for his uncle using his police discount. His uncle was a PA resident and paid Abramski for the gun. His uncle was legally able to buy and own the gun. But since his uncle paid for the gun and Abramski was not the real purchaser, it was a straw purchase and Abramski’s life was ruined.

But, yeah, it’s just pantshitting to worry about this stuff. It would never happen to you because, reasons.
The problem here is he used his police discount account. Different circumstance
Scenario in MA:
I just got a firearm transfer using Gun Shop FFL Transfer from Person-X to me. Basically used the gun shop FFL as the middle man for the transaction.

How long do I need to wait to sell via eFA10 from a FTF transaction? ie good rule of thumb is 2 business days

I ask because I don’t know how long it takes the system to “ log” the initial FFL transfer from Person X.

Let me repeat back what I think this is saying when combined with your other comments.

Your friend no longer has an LTC but has a gun he wanted you to have. You went to a FFL. The FFL took the gun in from your friend and transferred it to you. Since the FFL was in on the transaction, you filled out a 4473 and the FFL did a FA10 on MIRCS recording the transaction of the gun going from the FFL to you.

You now want to know if you have to wait a specific amount of time to "sell" the gun to your dad which was your stated intention from the very beginning.

What you have described IS A STRAW PURCHASE.

If when you acquire a gun from a FFL and fill out the 4473, you acquire the gun with the intention of transferring the gun to another party for ANY type of renumeration, then this is a straw purchase. Full STOP.

If your intention was to GIFT it to your dad, then there is no straw purchase. Acquiring with the intent of gifting is not a straw purchase.

If your intention was to sell to an unknown party, then there is no straw purchase. You must have a specific person in mind at the time of acquisition. It is likely dealing without a license (federal, not discussing MA and its 4 gun limit), but it is not a straw purchase.

So based on your initial post in this thread, you committed a straw purchase since you said "sell".

There is no rule of thumb on how long to wait before committing a federal felony other than "forever". But actually the acquisition at the FFL was the straw purchase because of your intent at the time of acquisition.

As a rule, have the final owner acquire the gun from the FFL without you acting as a middle man. If this is not possible, it had damn well better be a gift (for real) and not a sale.

This is all about federal law. The eFA10 part for the FTF transfer in MA is irrelevant.
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