"Mils vs MOA which one is right for you ? " Snipers Hide article


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Nov 15, 2006
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There was a discussion on this last year here on NES - Snipers Hide has just put up a decent article pulling a lot of that information together.

Mils vs MOA which one is right for you ?

Both Mils and MOA are an Angle. They were intended to operate as angles and while all angles have linear equivalents, when it comes to shooting there is no reason to use the linear value. We have moved beyond needing to figure the straight line distance. They were always meant to work as an Angle, so we need to think in those terms.

This question comes up just about weekly on the forum. Someone reads about people switching to mils or they see something on TV about Marines using Mils and the question is asked: Should I switch to Mils ?

Full article at Snipers Hide:
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