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Mojo Nixon will not be down for Outlaaaaaaaaw Country


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Aug 15, 2011
Western MASS
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Terrible news.
Died last night on the Outlaw Country Cruise.

“Passing after a blazing show, a raging night, closing the bar, taking no prisoners + a good breakfast with bandmates and friends. A cardiac event on the Outlaw Country Cruise is about right… & that’s just how he did it,” the statement continued. “Mojo has left the building. Since Elvis is everywhere, we know he was waiting for him in the alley out back. Heaven help us all.”
is this the guy i listened to on sirius radio? younger than me. this guy goes out on a cruise, i'll topple off the can and melt into the floor. rip mojo.
Loved his show on Sirius, he played GREAT music, funny as hell to listen to. Never really actually seen him since like the 90's. Pulled up some more recent videos of him, yea, he was beyond ripe for a "cardiac event" I gotta say.

"See you later fornicator!"
We went to a shopping mall
And laughed at all the shoppers
And security guards trailed us to a record shop
We asked for Mojo Nixon
They said, "He don't work here"
We said, "If you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin'"
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