OK, Which One of You Bought This Vintage Sniper?


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Jan 6, 2013
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I really don't get the insane prices this stuff goes for, but here it is...

Civilian Marksmanship Program - Promoting firearms safety training!

Probably one of the guys on SnipersHide that wants to one-up the M40 crowd.

It's a collectors item. A bonafided armorer manufactured sniper rifle. Given the revision number, it's an earlier one out of special operations command. They may have slapped a later USMC scope on it, but the gun itself is not USMC as the marines didn't use this until later. If it had the right scope $18k wouldn't have been enough with days to go...
If I'm paying 20k for a sniper, then will be for documented m1942 USMC sniper rifles with their full original setups

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Awesome stuff. Still beyond what I'd pay but if I had a choice I'd go for the USMC's. I'm pretty happy with the clone I put together and have been shooting it in vintage sniper matches. My teammate and I both shoot them and won silver in our last team match.
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