Shotgun reloading classes

Watch the NRA course website. Just checked within 500 miles of Franklin, MA — two classes offered- one in MD, the other in PA. Both June 15th. Am sure not helpful.

Not a lot of demand for shot shell reloading classes - since shot shell reloading is 100% formula from a manual - XXX brand hulls, xxx brand wads, xx gr of XXX powder, X.X oz of shot. Most people learn what they need from other shotgunners. Second issue you will have is being able to make it worthwhile for an instructor to run a shot shell reloading class. Lastly, if you are looking to become an instructor, there are not a lot of NRA training counselors that are certified to teach the course AND can pull together enough instructor candidates to make it worth their while.
There are classes for sh@t, did not know that.

Get a used Mec 600 and talk to the old timers shooting Trap/Skeet on Sundays at your local club....a wealth of reloading info.
OP, do you already reload pistol/rifle ? If so, dive in to shotshell reloading with confidence. Shotshell felt "basic' and "straightforward" compared to pistol/rifle when I first started.
I'm qualified to teach it, but don't. Like @EddieZoom said, once you know how to reload metallic, shotgun is easy. Almost nobody reloads shotgun any more. I sent out a feeler to 2700 people on my email list and the only response I got was someone asking when my next metallic class was scheduled.
I shoot and reload about 15,000 shells a year.

Strictly target loads for Skeet, Sporting Calys, and Trap shooting. All gauges 12,28,20, and 410 bore.

Contrary to what a lot of people say, there's plenty of money to be saved reloading shotshell IF you can buy components right.

At my home club in Sharon there's at least a dozen of us reloading. Most of those guy's I've taught along the way.

Feel free to PM me if you've got questions or need a hand.
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