WaPo: I’m Glad I had a Gun

Then he tells cops if guy has no record he won’t press charges and they let him go?
Another interesting point, a guy breaks into your house at 2am and you want them to just let him go without any incident because he doesnt have any priors? What happens when he does it next time?
These stories never have enough detail.

Was it a condo in a neighborhood where theyre all the same and he got confused after a few drinks wandering into an unlocked home he thought was his? Was it a junkie checking handles to find a place to rob?

The authors a moron on every level.
... intruder coming to the top of the stairs ... yelled “What the hell are you doing!” ... kept shouting at him to get out … I ... get my ... .357 magnum Smith & Wesson revolver, ... struggled to find the trigger lock’s ... opening ... He left the sofa and headed ... into the house. ... he turned around and left, leaving the front door wide open. ...

And just HOW is this guy still alive?

Either one of them.
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