Which Branch of the US Military Service Offers the Best Quality of Life?

Combat Control and Pararescue are both as cool as can be.

Even though I was a Combat Controller (pre-Special ops days) I gotta hand it to the PJs. They are the only ones who endure all that training, not to kill the other guy and break his toys, but to save people.

"These Things We Do, That Others May Live"

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USAF SOF definitely have great jobs and get to have great quality of life when not in the field. PJs also have phenomenal training. But many PJs want way more action than they actually get. Their mission is so specific and rarely needed.

I do think the Air Force’s conversion from the combat weathermen to a Special Reconnaissance job is really a great option for people wanting to go SOF and are at all inclined on the reconnaissance side. Previously if one wanted to do strategic reconnaissance you had to make your way to ISA, RRD/RRC, Delta, or DEVGRU. All of which were far from certain and required half a career before you could really even reach an opportunity to try out. Now, people can go straight in with this USAF role.

USAF special ops > rangers.
A motivated airman can go directly to the training pipeline for USAF special ops - no need to have another job first.

That’s a pretty silly statement. Different missions, both with selections and arduous training. Not sure on selection attrition rates, but the 75th is probably the most difficult unit to actually stay in. Super easy to get kicked out and you need to stay at the top of your game. Yes, they’re still just light infantry, but they have bigger key parts in JSOC task forces than USAF SOF do. USAF has a tiny JSOC footprint. Still though, neither is better than the other. Both very capable, both demand the most from their people, both have different jobs.

And, you can go directly into the 75th too. Option 40 contract and you attend RASP after airborne, after your AIT. All one guaranteed pipeline on contract signing.
“A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck’s a fortune! Every formation’s a parade! I love the corps!”
Ah the good old days!
Drawing weapons at the armory in the middle of the night, humping in the cold rain (or the snow or the blazing sun) with everything you own, only to finally arrive in the middle of who the f*ck knows where to dig fighting holes and gun positions for our fine accommodations.
But the rumor mill says they're trucking hot chow out tonight.
No..bumb scoop.
Break it down. We're moving again.
Rumor mill says trucks are coming and we ride in style.
Nope put one foot in front of the other. Tighten it up! Spread out! Watch your intervals!
But ya there's nothing like being totally miserable with your boys and laughing about it. I miss it years later.
Sick huh?
Marine Corps all the way (okay, I might be slightly biased 😋 ). I was in a gun squadron that traveled a fair amount with our planes, so we got a chance to visit many bases from all branches and overseas allies. USAF had top notch facilities, best chow halls, treated the best, etc., from the bases I got to visit. Loved going to AFB deployments, but USMC is still way to go even if you don't get all the bennies that USAF or some of the other branches get.
Swing with the wing!
I understand that the Space Force is trying take the "Chair Force" moniker in the divorce from the USAF.

However, for quality of life, you can't beat the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service.
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