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Any Optics Black Friday Deals?

If I could find a 510C for less than $275 I'd grab one. Everyone seems to be at $310 or higher.

Holosun enforces MAP. There are places that sell lower than MAP, but you have to email or call them for the price.

These guys are reliable, and the cheapest I've found

EuroOptic is having a bunch of sales between now and Dec 31. Seems I get a new email every other day with new deals. 25% off Zeiss optics was yesterday’s.
Wow :mad: What an ignorant exclusion blanket policy
Found a better deal on a better EOTech...

Perfect timing and place advertising, seriously!
arken raises prices tomorrow - so i decided to get one more epl4 with MIL/VPR reticle, for $339 shipped. SAVE25% code.
there is nothing better in this price range. if i get tomorrow an mdt chassis on sale - it will go on a .223 bolt action build.
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