ATF Form 4 thread. Process and approvals!

The obsidian is awesome can. And that’s a crazy short wait time.

Did you file as an individual or trust?
Individual… only prob with filing as an individual is I did it for my first two stamps, now I’m stamp collecting and to get it all in a trust will be expensive
Yes, the sooner you do it the cheaper it is vs waiting until you have 20 stamps.

That’s also if you even need a trust.
Bought an RC3 and it finally arrived at the FFL Friday but SilencerShop is being dumb with processing so I’ll need to call Monday, so should be nice quick turn around. Once that’s wrapped up.

Freaking RC2 still stuck in trust hell.
I bought another can via silencershop, keep homing it arrives with dealer soon. Looking forward to approval time of just days. Fingers crossed.
Approved today!

10/23/2023 Submission
03/20/2024 Approval

149 days.

Now I am curious if I should just go individual next time, as I am seeing crazy turnaround times compared to trusts.
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