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Blue Dot Optics???

Sep 9, 2023
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Are there any makers of blue dot optics for handguns out there? I mean any reputable manufacturers of quality products…I saw a couple available from Jeff on the big A website (not sure if we can mention names here) but they looked to be junk. I find my eyes pickup blue much faster and easier than green or red. Thanks for any and all comments and replies.
Have you looked at the amber/yellow dots like the Trijicon RM05? If you are red/green color deficient (often called "color blind") but you can detect blue you should also be able to detect yellow (blue/yellow are compliments on the color wheel just as red/green are). The amber Trijicons are specifically made for red/green color deficiencies.

ETA Holosun also makes the HE512C-GD, which has what they call a "gold" reticle (actually yellow).
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Blue is the worst color to focus on
Human eye is much more sensitive to green and red doesn't screw with scotopic vision as bad as green or blue.
Maxfli made matte blue balls a little while back for golf

Not bad actually they had some coating where they just stuck out to you even in the sky

But yeah i would think blue is not a great optic color

Op there is a bit of a cost war with rdo's right now everyone is trying to get costs down and be a good product now that pistol optics have caught on.
I would be surprised to see any innovation for a few years in pistols optics until they come down more in cost a bit
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