Glasses with Optics

Jul 2, 2023
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So I just made an appointment with the eye doctor today and I was just wondering. How do glasses work with magnified optics? Do you take them off when shooting with an optic? How does it all work?
Eye pro takes up the same or more space between the eye and the scope. Get progressive safety bi-focals if you need to. The scopes are easily adjustable for focus so don't panic.
There’s a little ring at the very end of your eyepiece. You can adjust usually between +2.5 and -2.5 on any scope worth its price. Focus with the left turret (depending on scope). I try to use glasses as little as possible when shooting scoped. It’s just one more layer of glass between the target and the eye.
I wear progressives. Zero issues with a rifle scope or binoculars. The only thing I do is push the glasses a tiny bit higher up on my face.

I do remove them for use with a spotter. I need my eyeballs closer to the eye piece so I get a full fov.
Ok, Thanks. I was worried because I just learned that if you have let's say a 3x prism you wouldn't want to add a magnifier to it as the two would act weird together. So I was worried glasses would do the same thing.
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