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** AVOID Optics Planet **

Was the optic and price posted?
I bet I can find it cheaper from other reputable online retailers.
Anyway…Heading back home tonight from a business trip and My wife informed me that a package was delivered from Optics Planet last night. We weren’t shoveled or plowed out up top and they still delivered it in 7 inches of snow. I’m impressed. Except the fact that my wife is asking me what I ordered….

I’m gonna call the State and let them know that everything is OK and to disregard any other messages they might have received

IMG_4328.jpeg .
If you understand how optics planet works, then they are fine. You have to check actual stock availability before and AFTER you order. you have to accept that you might need to cancel. You have to price check them against other places.

But when they have what you want at the best price and its actually in stock, it works out.

Or you can say "too hard, ill pay more elsewhere" and move on.
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