Gang-related music videos driving gun violence in DC: report

From the AG's office statement:

"Prosecution, by definition, takes place after a crime has occurred, and to truly make the District safer, we need to focus on stopping crime before it occurs. OAG will continue to do its job. All District agencies and systems – education, housing, health care, rehabilitative services, economic development and job training – must also do their part in providing the critical supports and resources needed to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

How many more resources can these communities consume, and they're still crapholes full of a**h***s?

It's not a race problem. It's a culture problem.

But the BIGGER problem is that most everyone of the same race (in seemingly every city in America) seems to associate themselves with the same culture. Its part of their identity and their being.

Ask most people you know to write a list of five or ten things that describe themselves. Husband, father, [your occupation], "gun enthusiast" (among NES members), golfer, fisherman, boater, Harley rider, Christian or whatever, will be the typical responses. The fact you're white *probably* won't be on your list.

But ask the typical inner-city POC to write their list, and the fact that they're a proud black person will be pretty near the top of their list. They seem to identify with their minority status, and collectively adhere to the mindset of victimhood, and for some reason, the criminal element. Drugs, gangs, poverty, illiteracy, etc. all seem to be an acceptable part of that "culture."

Not really sure where I'm going with this, so I'll end it before I write something that could be construed as racist. I am not. But I am observant. The trends are hard not to notice.

But if I have a point, it's that there seems to be a need to disassociate color from identity. Maybe they'd stop turning a blind eye from criminals because they'd see them for what they are -- criminals -- and not "someone like them."
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