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Video: Threat of gun violence stressing out Americans


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Dec 13, 2006
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The pervasive threat of gun violence in the U.S. is stressing out Americans, according to the American Psychological Association. About one-third of Americans say they've changed their behavior because of mass shootings and about 75% of Americans report significant stress following a mass shooting, APA CEO Arthur Evans said. Mark Strassmann has more.

View: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/threat-of-gun-violence-stressing-out-americans/
Mass shootings stress me out because I know them douche nozzles wearing suits will only try to push more restrictions/laws on us all that are already aware that murder is illegal.
When the leftist media says “Be worried, be very worried”, we just laugh. But liberals get very worried.

It’s a chicken/egg thing - liberals suffer more emotional trauma and “mental illness” than do others but is it because they are liberal or do emotional/psychological weaklings tend to become liberals? Dunno.
If all those worried people just turned off their television, all their worries would just disappear.

Also, if they're so worried about mass shootings and haven't yet acquired and carrying a gun, then shame on them.

I discarded the word worry from my vocabulary about 50 years ago.

“There is nothing to worry about! Absolutely nothing. You can spend the rest of your life, beginning right now, worrying about the future, and no amount of your worry will change a thing. Remember that worry is defined as being immobilized in the present as a result of things that are going or not going to happen in the future. You must be careful not to confuse worrying with planning for the future.”​

― Wayne W. Dyer, Your Erroneous Zones
CBS must be talking about their viewers.

"American adults who identify as politically liberal have long reported lower levels of happiness and psychological well-being than conservatives, a trend that mental-health experts suspect is at least partly explained by liberals’ tendency to spend more time worrying about stress-inducing topics like racial injustice, income inequality, gun violence, and climate change."

"Liberals are also much more likely than conservatives to be diagnosed with mental illnesses or disorders."

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