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gunsmith.. I know.. another inquiry.. (Winchester Model 52)

Jan 29, 2024
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Hi All.... A bit new here.. I am looking for a good and reputable gunsmith (or advice) in Southern NH.. Care not cross the boarder to MA.. I have a family heirloom (an old Winchester Model 52). The issue at hand is a busted safety. What it does: with safety on, should the trigger be pulled.. it will not fire. As a safety should work.. However.. The moment you release the the safety, it will fire on it's own.. Which, as you can imagine, isn't a good thing.. So.. any advice or referral to someone which I can trust with it? Me inheriting it, came with the promise of getting it looked at.. (though my dad made the same promise it his uncle.. yet.. here we are.. )

Thanks in advance!
This dude does amazing work for cowboy action. Give him a call.

He is not in Southern NH, but he is not in MA.
If you want quality, you either get lucky with a gunsmith near you, or you ship it or you drive.
The trigger or sear engagement is set too light. Is it the original trigger, or a better one like Canjar or Kenyon?
Best to my knowledge, everything on it is original... Including a side mount scope from era. Because of the originality of it all, I want to take good care of it, and not just bring it to 'anyone'. Nor, do I want to attempt it myself.. Essentially, it was the first rifle my dad (RIP) fell in love with when he was little.. So, talking back in the 50's... He always said he was around 10 or so.. He received it from his uncle shortly before his uncle passed back in 2000, with the condition of getting the trigger/safety fixed.. Which.. he never did. Now my turn.. and want to hold true to that. I also have the Winchester 'HANDBOOK ON SMALL BORE RIFLE SHOOTING' circa '47 that came with it to my dad.

@Broc, will definitely take your advice and give that a look.

@rick, Thanks for the greetings!
When talking about gunsmiths who know target rifles, the guy that comes to mind in NH is Larry Racine (LCR Gunsmithing). It would at least be worth a call.
Jim McMahon AKA Jimmy Spurs (Cowboy Gun Works) did some work for me when he was in Derry NH but he moved to Vermont.
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