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Interesting - United Ag & Turf Now Selling Ammo

You are buying American. It's not going to be cheap.
True. I believe they mostly make reman/reloaded ammo, and much of their business is online sales of it.

I've found that many quality imported brands like Igman or Bellom or Geco made in ex-combloc factories are of great quality for less money, so they really aren't priced competitively out of what's available online.
I stopped by the Millbury Store today and spoke with one of the managers. They have an application in with the state to sell ammo in Massachusetts, submitted about a month ago. Their plan is to sell ammo in all of their Massachusetts stores. As was mentioned by another poster, one of the owners of United Ag owns Freedom Munitions.
I like that they want to sell ammo, but that company is the same one who took my lawn tractor with a seized engine, broke it free with a pry bar and didn't bother looking at it. After they sent it back, I fired it up and promptly blew a huge crack in the engine block.

They did warranty it with Deere for me, and the engine replacement cost me nothing, but still wtf?
Stopped by United Ag in Milford, NH for tractor parts this morning and saw their selection and their prices...
Stopped by United Ag in Milford, NH for tractor parts this morning and saw their selection and their prices...
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Ouch. Hopefully we can see 5.56 settle back down to something reasonable. 7 or 8 months ago, I ordered a friend 2000 rounds of 5.56, and since he got a big discount (been paying LGS prices of 50c/r) he told me I could buy some off of him for what he paid if I got an AR in the future. Well, it's now that time and he's backed out, so I am looking at ~65 cpr for cheap stuff and ~80 cpr for M193.
Without a doubt. But man shooting 5.56 right now hurts. Just gotta start policing brass.
Yup I hand loaded a lot when I was active
5.56 costs what I was getting 7.62 NATO for back then. It’s gonna hurt when I start playing with the M1A again
And with the “buy twice as much as you shoot a day” practice… we’ll you know where it’s going
Guess it’s time to set the bench back up but components have been tough to find too, brass is the easy part
Interesting, but I bet not in MA. Then again it would be cool to see them selling ammo out of the Milbury store.
Saw the post title and immediate;y thought "Hmmm, I'll have to call the Millbury store tomorrow to see if they are going to be involved?" Doubt it but one can dream.

As an aside, I stopped by Pioneer Arms at the 4 corners of 122 & Church St. with a friend today. They had some in-stock ammo at decent prices for those of us local to that area. Very friendly folks and some neat pieces & good accessories. The limited edition Colt Python .38 target model with 8" barrel was a BEAUTIFUL work of revolver art. I'll definitely be back there soon.
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