M&M's Plimouth Bay Outfitters


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Mar 4, 2012
South Shore
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By any chance does anyone know if Dave or Judy from Plimouth Bay Outfitters after going out of business have relocated to a new location or business. Thanks

The last time I tried to have a rifle transferred through them, they wanted to charge me based on how much I paid for the rifle. I'm not surprised those surly clowns went out of business.
Got a Ruger Standard (MK I) there for $189. It was well used but a great 22lr for the money. Still enjoy it and use it for 1st time shooters.
I got a bunch of Mauser and 2 Mosins there.

They were always nice to me, and even after months of not showing up, they would remember my name.

They were also one of the few gun stores that weren't fags about selling a 10/22 to someone with an FID.

And if you challenged them on a gun being C&R, they would grab the book and take a look, rather than tell you they were right.
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