NY Ammunition Background Check Nightmare

Would overwhelming the libs in city center utopias with illegals and more and more crime finally make them reconsider their voting options and listen to some of the red candidates and perhaps get themselves some gun rights while they're at it? lol no.

but, the dems figured that out, and as soon as a busload show up on the inner city, they are whisked out to the small towns and suburbs faster than you can spell "Martha's Vineyard"

if it was so dangerous in Boston or Cambridge that voters can not get to the polls without carrying a sidearm, i bet all those voters would suddenly see the value of a Republican governor and senate
lol at the they didn't vote for it responses

By staying in that state they sure did. Not only voted for it, but they're paying for the pleasure with their sales, income, and property taxes. Literally funding anti 2A causes if you are in an anti state.

Moving is not always possible, but 95% of the times it is whether it is now or a delayed move after retiring and giving up the business or a delayed move after a loved one you're caring for passes.

Because countless wars have been won by retreating.

To quote officer Sgt. Al Powell - No Sir! You couldn't DRAG me away!

(Hint: There are no free states. Just lesser restricted ones. . . for now. Look at the BS that happened in Tenner-Sea after S&W opened last week. In TENNER-SEA!)
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