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You think you have enough ammo in your basement?

Ammo? What ammo?
You Jake's might want to wait for that spicy popcorn to stop popping before you make entry.
Just sayin.
Where does that fall on the scale?

Term . . . . . . . . Description
Some ............... Enough for one guy with two buddies to hold out for a year
Stash .............. Enough for a Squad . . .
Cache .............. Enough for a Platoon . . .
Store .............. Enough for a Company . . .
Stockpile .......... Enough for a Battalion . . .
Arsenal ............ Enough for a Brigade . . .

Also it Never states why he was investigated in the first place

Touts some law about prohibited people, no inclination if this guy was prohibited before the arrest lol

CA’s “Armed and Prohibited Persons System” is a continuous computerized matching between newly prohibited persons (usually felons & restraining orders) and those already issued firearms permits. They are way, way behind and only go after the really big fish due to resource constraints. The estimated cost of full enforcement is in the $100s of millions annually.

This is an example of “enforcing existing laws”, even if most CA gun laws just make people felons for owning certain guns and accessories.
I don’t think the title of this thread is accurate because it really depends on how many basements you have. One I just keep beef jerky in.
Somebody has to put out the Hminsky birds… probably the best post he’s had
I have family and friends that live near Richmond, CA. The word on the street was that this guy was off everyone's radar until he tried to sell Noveske lowers and some competitor from the eastern US dropped a dime on him. [devil]

BS-ing aside, sad what happened to this guy. Either somebody really did rat him out or the po-po is getting massively oppressive and intrusive.
The “3,000 magazines” part is more impressive.
One million rounds is only 1,000, 1,000 round cases
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