Bought my first gun today! GP100

It looks great. You hardly see any pistol-whip wear on it. Don't forget that pistol whipping takes practice, too. Enjoy, that's a sweet buy.
My first revolver will probably be a .41 or .327, just because I'm flippin tired of the ammo availability issue every time something goes down, but the GP 100 is certainly a build like a tank solid, fine firearm.
Some view a pic like this as gun porn. Mmmmmmm.......

What's not to love about a Ruger?

Nice job!

I've been itching for my first wheelgun to be exactly what you bought. The pics are really motivating me to put the plan in motion now!
Nice piece. After you toss out the cable lock, a fun thing to do at the range is grab four .38 cartridges and two .357s and load them into the cylinder with your eyes closed. Pick a target and find out whether or not you have a flinch!

The GP100 is a beast and was built to stand full magnum all the time. Find some hot loads (bullets, that is) and go nuts!
Very nice! Not only did you get the rosewoods, but the previous owner upgraded the front sight with the orange insert.
That has been the only thing I've done to mine.
great gun and great club! I am a member there already
Thanks. I did the new member orientation on Sat morning and have the indoor range walk through set for Tuesday evening. I was going to do some outdoor steel plate shooting today but the weather kind of killed that. Instead I toured Braintree and Walpole with buddy of mine that is trying to find a club near his home.

What do you shoot and when? I'd like to get to know a few members there. Feel free to PM me.

My holster and belt are due to arrive from Simply Rugged Monday or Tuesday so I will be sure to put up some more gun porn pics now that I've cleaned it and switched out the grips for the original rosewoods!
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