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Desert Eagle Megathread…

Dumb and hopefully quick question, My mkvii desert eagle grip is one that you just need a punch to remove, are there "better" (or any) aftermarket grips that fit this one? so far I've only seen the one's that screw on. I haven't removed my grip yet but from pictures it doesn't seem like there's a hole to screw new grips onto the frame

I swapped to the Hogue finger type grip. Its a one piece design that locks in with not only 2 screws but also the grip uses tabs to lock into the frame. Very secure fitting grip. Finger grips are a love / hate thing. I happen to like the feel of a finger style grips
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easier swap than putting a 320 fcu in a Wilson combat grip. Now to remortgage the house to get some ammo


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Figured I'd post in this thread rather than in the 50AE DE thread....

Got another phone call from Fords today. They told me the 10 inch barrel has a couple small pieces of metal missing from the muzzle end. I'm like wtf?! So she texts me photos and says they can round/blend it in for $40 or weld it and then blend it down for $70.
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I literally have no recollection of this damage but then again I only shot the 10 inch barrel once and had it stored away the whole time I’ve had the gun. Hmmm. I don’t have any before photos but I think they damaged it as it’s quite obvious and I feel like I would have noticed it.
Whatever, $70 to strip off the HC, weld and blend isn’t a tough pill to swallow. Still annoying.

Anyway, good news is that it will be shipping in the next week or 2.
Finally got the call from Ford’s today. They’ll be shipping it out today or tomorrow via 2-day air. FINALLY! Come April it would have been a year they’ve had it
Thank you for the update.
I will never send anything there.
Yeah, their customer service probably isn’t top-of-the-line, but I’m hoping the quality will be.

I’m not sure who else I would recommend to ship a desert eagle to for refinishing since they are who magnum research and kahr uses. 🤷🏻‍♂️ IMG_3982.png
Put a good gunsmith on retainer, buy 2 so you have one to shoot while the other is in the shop.
I hope to never be in that situation. And that (having a spare) would be next to impossible given how rare the 14 inch barrels are
Well the quality is definitely top notch. What a beauty. Looks friggin slick!! The hard chrome on the bolt and extractor should make it a little easier to clean.

The only minor complaint I have is they HC’d the front and rear sights. Not the end of the world. Probably match better since they had a purple/plum colored bluing finish.

I really like the matte rounds and brushed flats contrast. Can’t wait to shoot it IMG_4030.jpeg IMG_4031.jpeg
IMG_4033.jpeg IMG_4034.jpeg

I had them HC the scope base too. Didn’t bother with the rings since the scope is black anyway. Though they made them in SS finish they’re long discontinued.

And they did a good job repairing their dings on the muzzle of the 10 inch barrel for those wondering IMG_4035.jpeg IMG_4036.jpeg
Only had blued finished. Going to have it coated to match my distressed white. Local guy said he could match it.
That scope do you have on yours?
Ohh that’s right. I think I remember you mentioning this in another thread. Report back when you get it refinished.

It’s a Bushnell trophy handgun 2-6x32. I have them on my DW 357 and 44 mag revolvers. Stainless/silver finish though. They have held up VERY well. No issues and plenty clear glass.
I gave up trying to find a silver finish scope for the desert eagle and settled with the black finish.
Whoa. A 14 inch 357 barrel DE is on proxibid/rock island auction now. Comes with a 6 inch barrel tooView attachment 850401
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Soooo, is the bandaide a result of the gun's operation? Of just bad luck? [laugh]
Yup that was from having my hand too high on the grip. That’s the only sucky thing about the DEs. You can’t have a proper high thumbs forward grip without interfering with the slide stop and getting slide bite. Well at least I can’t anyway. I have decent sized hands which may be to blame 😂
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