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Going To The Nut House??? Being Forced Into The Nut House Without Losing Your Gun Rights

When I lived in MA, I knew dozens of people who had been inpatient at Choate's rehab. That was about a 6 week program. Used to go to meeting there. (sober 41 years, no rehab stint.)
Some states check in state hospital records. Require a medical release for background check for permits. It may have been stopped after the VA started holding all veteran medical background check requests. This was under Obama. A backdoor way to to dent carry permits. Sheriffs got sued for submitting request to the VA as well. And the VA got a crap ton of calls from the senate.

Ditto just made 33 years
Took lots of people to detox in the back of an ambulance too.

Unless it’s a state hospital, like Westboro or Metropolian (if that still exists) they have no way of knowing without releases. And generally one would not end up there without a court being involved.

MA asks for no such releases. I know certain towns in RI do (mine for instance) but they’re few and far between and rarely actually used. RI plays loose with the language in some towns in apps saying “or treated for mental illness”. I have a serious problem with that wording as it can mean almost anything and police are not qualified to judge something that may be 40 years old. I know a few too many with with thyroid conditions initially diagnosed with depression or something else. The psych profession is wrong just as often as they're right when it comes to initial diagnosis. Some foreign studies put it at as high as 60% on first diagnosis for a serious mental condition

Virginia asks if you’ve ever been sent on a 72 hour (by a judge!) and then changed to voluntary and even they they don’t care if it’s more than 5 years ago.

California has a sunset period of 2-5 years on voluntary stays. But I believe they have a 2-3 times in 2 years or some such that short circuits frequent flyers.

Just think for years the homeless would voluntarily check into the bridgewater addiction center (which I thought read was being used for firefighter training now) for weeks/months during the winter to stay off the streets. They’re probably fine on paper :)
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