Hermann Historica 79th Auction 5/20/2019


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Oct 22, 2005
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Hermann Historica

A fellow collector has 200 pieces from his oustanding collection in this auction. 500 more to follow in the online auction thereafter. Another ~ 2,000 pieces to follow in the next several auctions.
I have seen parts of this collection in person and wish I had $ 5M+ to spare.

See a pair of Colt Model 1900s w/ consecutive serial numbers from the U.S. Navy contract :
Hermann Historica
Hermann Historica
Two Borchardt C-93's sold: € 15.5k and € 32k. Damn, why didn't I make the MegaMillions October jackpot ??

You know, that still seems to be a low price to me. I watched a 1911A1 in blue USN issue sell 15 years back for over 25K.

The former owner's expectation was a tad higher. We just talked about them last Tuesday.
He's still got a bunch of excellent Lugers which will go to auction soon. Wish I could afford these Simsons and Krieghoffs, Navys etc. pp
Prices listed for some of the P08's were lower than I would have expected. Likewise, the 1903 Colts higher. Seemed like good prices listed for 98 K's with scopes.
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