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2023 OCSA CMP Military Match Schedule, Pembroke MA

I dont know if your local to the area but OutBack Arms in Plympton generally had shooting jackets on the rack. Everyone I have seen is lightly used in great shape and if they have one that fits can save some cash.
Remember a heavy sweat shirt is meant to be worn under the jacket.
Another season has come to a end.
I only made it to 2 matches this season. I was pleased to see new faces each time.
Some how I managed to shoot trinket acquiring scores with my M1a and AR
Hope everyone had a good season .
The match went along well with some shooters having classic on the line mishaps…..2 M1 shooters front sights came loose and or completely fell off. Some ammo related issues. All adds to the fun.
Some shooters I know that just started not long ago have showed excellent improvement.
See you all next season
MM Scores
Gold 279/300/6X
Silver 278/300/4X
Bronze iirc 272/300/?X

I did not shoot garand match so I forget the scores for M1….

Practice standing/off hand

Things to keep in mind
Keep all your shots in the black
Its will be a score of no less than 270.
Practice with what you wear and use at a match.
Is there a 2024 competition happening?
Yes ,
Im slacking this season with keeping up with the schedule and over all posting.
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