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John Mellencamp Demands Media ‘Shock America Out of Its Stupor’ and Publish Photos of Children Killed in Shootings

I think his idea of showing pics would be a terrible thing. But not for the reason he thinks to where it motivate people to turn in their guns or go along with gun control "for the children."

*I* think it would result in more mass shootings. Psychopaths would see a few dead kids and it would motivate them to go for "high score." Only for the next trans psycho to go for even more when their SSRIs wear off

There are reasons they don't show those pictures and videos.
Gonna go contrarian here: I agree with him that media should post pictures of the mass shooting victims and the aftermath of unlawful gun violence....as long as this is done objectively, fairly and consistently AND the picture of the perps is displayed alongside the gratuitous slaughter porn.

Ensure those conditions are met and applied without bias...I am all in on the publishing of graphic images of the crime scenes. Instantly, the public would be accurately informed of who, where and why the violence occurred....and the facts would belie the narrative currently being used by the media

You would see that the KC shooters were 3 young black males.....you would see the last set of school shooters were trannies....you would see the San Bernardino shooters were radical islamic husband/wife team.

The public would see the face of crime and it would be almost exactly what you would expect, if you ever really read the FBI crime stats (which tbh...are published in such a fashion to mask the root cause - no per capita reporting).

None of this can be done, of course, as the presumption of innocence still matters, you dont want convictions appealed because the media prejudiced the jury pool and (most importantly) the public would want action on the readily identifiable subset of society that is causing the bulk of violent crime
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