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Transfer a preban pistol to Ma but the FFL said it's not on the list

Sorry, typo. 9/94
man.... 9/94, that brings back memories.... hadn't seen real live tits yet, but my dad and I drove to DL Fleury's just west of Augusta and bought a Colt HBAR. They had 3 left. I kept it until my mid 30's. Wasn't much left of the inside of the barrel when I was done with it. Funny thing... could have cared less it didn't have the bayonet lug on it and we used to take the flash hider off and bump fire it at night. Should have just saved $800 bucks and got one of the neutered ones a few months later....
Check with Dean Safety (Randy) at the Mill. He knows more about State / Federal law and what's legal than anyone I've ever met. He's "VERY BUSY" these days, so best jump in the car and go see him. He's there on WED, SAT, SUN.
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