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Colt Anaconda or Desert Eagle?

Quoting this because I laughed, then I noticed I typed it.
i do not like revolvers at all, as i, well, i see guns as tools, and revolvers are just not practical.
if i will ever get a revolver, it will be not an anaconda, first will be a 1860 army, then a python.
not sure if i would ever care of anything else. even a python a ? mark, but an 8" 1860 army is a classic to own.
I've always been in the camp that magnum powered auto's are a gimmick, the most power I find practical in an auto is 10mm. Even in a revolver I don't see much benefit to going over .45 caliber, the cost of ammo even to reload is higher, bullets and brass more expensive, the revolvers themselves larger and heavier.

There's always the fun and cool factor of owning a Desert Eagle and I will give it credit in that they do work and they've proven their popularity by being successful for decades where other companies failed and have been either out of business or struggling since the 80s, notably Automag, largely because those pistols were sensitive and finicky. That still doesn't make the Desert Eagle a superior magnum pistol to a revolver.
You’re asking whether to buy a Ferrari (Colt) or a Camaro (DE).

I have a .44 DE and it’s ridiculous. I mean, it weighs a ton and has relatively low capacity. But honestly, it’s a blast… like a Camaro,
Is it a piece of shit? Yeah, sort of, but hey it’s not there to defend your life, it’s there to have a couple laughs with. YOLO. Get the Deagle and have some giggles. Besides, there’s always a sucker to buy it when your done.

So...yup...that's 6-months-ago-me talking sh*t about the Deagle that I sold a decade ago after I failed at war-lording and found myself bored with it and unimpressed.

6 months later, with new laws in the wings, I can't get it off my mind and I'm going to go buy another. Thing is, when you want one, nothing else will do.

Besides, I might try my luck war-lording again, one day.
Want to get a large pistol. I've narrowed it down to an Anaconda or a Desert Eagle.
Prices for the gun itself and ammo aside what are some pros and cons you know?

I've been feeling like adding a revolver to my collection, have my dad's old Charter Arms .38 Undercover but that doesn't count. I like how the Python looks over the Anaconda but the Python is only a 357.

But the Desert Eagle I can get different barrels and swap somewhat easily. I'd like to get the .50AE but probably will get a .44mag barrel too so it's kind of like having two in one. Besides, whipping out a hand cannon like a big shiny Deagle is just the best right?

Any other things you guys can add to my pile of thoughts?
Other than plinking random stuff with them I have no practical use for it. I just have a bunch of money burning a hole in my pocket. (no, you can't have some; unless you have one of these guns to trade for it [grin])

Both I say. The DE to look at and wave around when your t-levels drop... and the Anaconda to shoot with and get the job done.
How’s the trigger?

I’m thinking of one just because…

I’ve heard the new Python’s trigger is not that great. So this is my concern that the anaconda might be poor also.
How’s the trigger?

I’m thinking of one just because…

I’ve heard the new Python’s trigger is not that great. So this is my concern that the anaconda might be poor also.
The trigger on My new Python is ten times better out of the box than anything I've used from S&W, and I got a lot of S&W's. Just my opinion.
New Anaconda has a great, smooth double action. Single action it cannot match my Smith’s with regards to a crisp trigger right out of the box. In single action, the colt trigger doesn't simply drop the hammer with a clean break, the hammer actually moves back slightly, and you can feel that creep.

edit: just wanted to add that I absolutely love my new Anaconda and my comment is being critical. For anyone reading and thinking of getting one, do it.
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