New Club recommendations

I need a new club or at least 2nd option for now that relatively close by and has real Target frames and not trying to prop up shot up crates to staple a paper target too. Good leadership and low fudness and like minded milsurp crowd.

Still working for a living so when I do get out I don’t really have time to wait around for crowds and a couple a yahoos laying prone 50yards down tying up the 100yard range.

Mansfield, Wrentham, Middleborogh, etc is around 30minutes away. OK if there’s a wait as long as it’s in my life expectancy. Prefer no NRA membership or GOAL or GOA accepted instead. If I need NRA again how much am I going to have to send to Wayne for new suits?
Sounds like Taunton
Sounds like Taunton
With vocal range chieftains that tell members to go F yourself.

Last time I was at the indoor with my cuz with the pandemic just 2 weeks to slow the spread looming there was a weird duck in the ready room trying to yell at us thru the glass. Like WTH can’t freaking hear you and your distracting active shooters. Maybe he didn’t like my Glock

That was the last time I was at the club.
I know where you can get some lightly used pallets. Bring a wheel barrow ;)

I’ll likely make my own and keep the beater Toyota around to lug the stuff and drudge through the muddy road. At least the new place has rails to hold targets up vertically.
Used to have a few guys making targets
One seemed to have a endless supply of strapping and cardboard.
Ever few weeks these guys made frames. Had jigs and air nailers. Made decent frames. The loss of this service , well the story goes

One day as usual one of them pulled up to the range opened the gate drove his truck in a bit off to the side with a stack of strapping in the bed.
Floored it going forward back through the gate and all strapping fell out.
Some one got all pissy and told him to pick them up or get banned from the club. Mr big mouth would not even hear why …. Turned to FUs
Targets where never made again

Now your lucky to have two scrap pieces of strap stapled to the ends of random carbord.
I bring my own frame and base 99% of the time so , what ever.
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