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Bet you paid 50 P to watch John Wayne grease all those bad injuns.... [rofl]

Not The Wild West butttt..... During Operation Allen Brook at Go Noi Island/ Liberty bridge op. ( may 68) I was sent to the LZ of 3/27. To hump ammo for Echo 2/27 and others , wandered over to their(3/27) Bn. CP area one night and they were showing ' the Green Berets " . . . everyone was rolling around laughing when we took about the usual 6- 8 82mm rounds. . . . "axxholes and elbows " no one hurt but a really great night. . . . ahhh ,the power ( craziness ) of youth. [laugh]
US ARMY, MSG, Retired, 1978-2004. 24+ years Active Duty and a little Reserve time.
Basic/AIT Ft Knox - Tank and wheeled vehicle Repairman
1/32 AR Friedberg Germay, tank mechanic - M88 Tank Recovery
1/77 AR Fort Carson CO - tank mechanic M88 - Tank Recovery
464 CBT Engineers Schenectady NY (HHC Mechanic)
464 CBT Engineers Schenectady NY (C Co, MTR SGT)
348 Trans Co PHX AZ (Motor SGT)
Regional Training Site Maintenance FT McCoy (Senior Instructor)
417 Maintenance Co Faribault MN Maintenance NCO
417 Maintenance Co Wabasha MN (DET) Maintenance NCO
302 Maintenance Battalion S3 NCO
o Several short tours to Korea, Germany and the Desert in that time
o RETIRED and tried civilian employment (muncipal) it sucked and retired after 14 years, wasn't worth the non structured petty bull crap back stabbing. Jumped on my bike and rode solo to Alaska for a month, living out of a Hammock, just me and the Noid. I'm blessed with a very supportive wife throughout my life and career between remote assignments, deployments and multiple solo motorcycle adventure rides and camping.
US Navy

2005-2012 Active (nuclear training pipeline, submarine school, Sub Base Groton, instructor)
2012-current Reserves (Commander Naval Forces Japan HQ, Undersea Warfare Ops Det New London, Officer Training Command Newport, Navy Warfare Development Command)

Sometimes I feel old then I see most other service dates here and apparently I'm a whipper snapper 😆😉
I put 20 yrs, in working on SUBS, as a NEUCLEAR MACHINEST. at EB. 1970 to 1990, did a fair share of SEA TRIALS, FLORIDA, ROTA, KINGS BAY, and WASHINGINTON STATE.
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