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Feb 8, 2010
US Air Force
Ramstein AB Germany for 6 years, Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, 2 years. 1 Trip to the Desert.
Computer Systems

My son is in tech school for Cyber Security now. He was really hoping to get overseas for a first duty station but ended up slated for an INCONUS AFB where it’s cold and rains a lot. I don’t know how the Air Force does it, but in the Coast Guard when you advance, you transfer, so hopefully that’ll work for him (before this Kung Flu I was slated to make Chief and immediately transfer). He’s young and single and wants to go “do something different”.


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May 23, 2014
USAF NELLIS AFB Las Vegas NV, 1992-1996 (547TH Petting Zoo 2 years and Red Flag for the other 2) 1996-2000, Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT) NATO, TheNetherlands, worked in a vault inside a vault, worked for Gen Wesley Clark on a weekly basis, 18 officers from 16 different countries and 1 enlisted SSgt...Me to babysit them all!!! Only had to work about 160 day's a year and the rest of the time traveling around Europe. Kind of wish I could go back in time!!!
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Oct 2, 2015
Honey I'm Home...

Joined Army summer '65' at 17. Basic, AIT, at Ft Dix, 11Bravo, 95 Bravo, 67 Foxtrot, shipped out to South East Asia out as a new combat brigade, 199th Light Infantry Brigade in '66'. In '67' extended tour to fly as a Huey door gunner, War Zone 3, North of The 'Iron Triangle'. Cut my teeth on 'Slicks' UH-1D then transitioned to 'Charlie' model UH-1C gunships. A 'skid-walker' and free hand artist M-60. WIA Tet-68, mustered out July 4, 1968...

Funny I remember my MP patrol partner at Fort Dix pointed out to me the barracks of the newly returned SE Asia troops..." Frenchy, see those guys there ? Leave them the hell alone...sage advice. 2 1/2 years later I was one of then... just wanting to be left alone,.... Never forget those who gave it all

Ha, just south of Da Nang off hwy 1 (about q 6 klicks ) in a roadside group of huts was a little pretty gal named " Frenchy " . . . . best " Party Packs " ( 10 j's ) around. ( $ 5 ? ) if I remember correctly . . . sadly, NVA rolled through there on " Little Tet " never saw her again . . . funny ,how just a name can really trigger a memory . . .
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