What gun have you wanted for a long time but just won't spend the money on?

I have a German Officers parlor rifle in 4mm. looks like a 98 Mauser with 16 inches of fake barrel. Even has the Nazi swazi on receiver, from World War 2
just reminded me about it from other thread.

4" .500 Magnum for reasons
.357 levergun (Winchester or Henry, no real preference)
.357 SAA to go with lever gun
Ruger Scout Rifle in .308

Some are pretty reasonable, I just had some other things on the list that I want/wanted first.
With these in the $1500 range I'm having a hard time justifying one. I do enjoy the Javalina (10mm version).


Also 2.5-3k for a "B" gun (Browning, Beretta) O/U has me priced out of the market for a decent entry level O/U. Bought a cheap O/U when I started and was nothing but problems.
Put in an order for a Sig P210 Target maybe 5 weeks ago, kind of relieved it hasn't shown up yet since other things should be taking priority. [laugh]

I'm pretty much set on my next rifle being a Tavor 7, but the optic I'd like to pair with it costs more than the rifle so the duo may take awhile to actually complete.
Ranted to my friend last night for at least 15mins abt how I've always wanted a nice Garand but they are stupid money. Given what it is, I'd only want to buy 1, and that 1 should be of good quality. Well... service and special grade ones are stupid money and I can't justify it to just throw it in the safe and never use it. I actually enjoyed shooting my buddy's Garand (the guy I was bitching to), and he sold his for 1200 a couple years ago. Anyway... no Garand for me.
Have you ever bought a gun before?? Did it end at just one??

I didn’t think so. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger.
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